For Property Sellers

Benefits for Property Sellers

All sellers who put their house on the market must have a home report and at Home & Energy Report we ensure that you have all the support you need throughout the process.

It's common knowledge that the process of selling your home can be stressful, something the team at Home & Energy Report are well aware of. 

Using our Home Report means you are supported and advised every step of the way from producing your Home Report and distributing copies to your interested buyers.

There can be a lot of confusion around the legislation for Home Reports and what is required from you, the seller therefore we recommend you take a quick look through the FAQs below.

Is it true a home report only lasts for 3 months?

NO!  This is a common misconception. There is no shelf life on a home report, however, the misunderstanding arises from two different factors:

  1. The documents within your home report cannot be more than 3 months old when you go to market.
  2. It is a lender requirement that the valuation is no more than 3 months old at the date of sale. It is therefore necessary that a Replacement Home Report inspection be carried out and report issued together with an updated valuation when an acceptable offer is received.
How much will my home report cost?

The cost of a home report will vary according to the value of your property - the higher the value of your property the more you will pay for a home report.

Call the Home & Energy team on 0141 354 1340 for a no obligation quote.

I am selling my property privately, do I need a home report?

Yes you do. If you are marketing a residential property in Scotland you need a home report regardless of whether you are using a selling agent or not.

Marketing means you are advertising your property for sale. 

If, however, you have decided to sell to someone you know and have never advertised the property you will not need a home report. The purchasers or their lender are however likely to instruct their own survey or valuation. An Energy Performance Certificate will be required in any event.

I am thinking of changing my agent, do I need a new home report?

As long as the property has been marketed continuously during the changeover, a new Home Report is not required. If the property has been at any time removed from the market, a new Home Report is required, although if the same Surveyors are employed the fee is likely to be modified. 

What happens if I market without a home report?

Prospective purchasers will expect a Home Report to have been obtained.  In addition legislation provides for a £500 fine for non-compliance. 

What if my home report reveals a problem with the property?

ou will receive a draft copy of your Report in the first instance.  This gives you the opportunity to address any issues prior to publication although a further inspection would be required should you carry out remedial works.